Geobiology studies the influence of environmental factors on our health.

Geological alterations such as underground fails and underground water currents, air quality, radioactivity of materials and chemical composition of materials have a direct influence on our well-being and the quality of rest.

These factors can also contribute to aggravate other health problems.

The places of rest and work, where we spend long hours, have to be studied with special attention.

We analyze all these factors in order to improve their quality of life.

We measure electromagnetic fields in homes, neighborhood communities, schools, companies, etc.

We are a company that offers services and products related to the health, comfort and well-being of the places.

We study and analyze the environmental factors, exterior and interior, natural and artificial, that influence health.

We act on electromagnetic radiation (mobile phone antennas, wifi, electric transformers, etc.), geopathies and chemical pollution that create health problems.

We improve the environments so that the life develops in a healthy and pleasant way.

Our goal is to provide solutio