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Asier Arregi.

Agricultural engineer, geobiologist, Advanced Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention.

He started experimenting with pendulums and rods more than 15 years ago and today he is a great specialist

in habitat remedies in all its wide range: solution for geopathies, electromagnetic fields, harmonization with geometry, reforms and construction of places, mandalas, etc ...

Passionate about the geometry of the ancient masters of works, he applies to constructions and reforms the knowledge of Solar and Lunar Geometry, to give the whole a finish in vibrations as much as possible in harmony with people and their environment. Always respecting the intuitive creation and the tastes and preferences of the clients. Creator of the Lau-buru technology (Lb100 and Lb4Phone).


Architecture: OREKA

Nagore Tolosa eta Ekaitz Uribe

Structures and Pssivhaus: MADERGIA

Oskar Landa-arroitajauregi

Electricity: Josep Maria del Campo



Geobiotek was born to bring the concept of well-being closer to its clients, with practices of the ancient wisdom of the Construction Masters, recovered for today's life.

We work throughout the peninsula.