working in harmony

If you have insomnia, anxiety, body aches when you wake up, if you suffer from any illness, if you are over-stressed, frequent headaches, irritability, nausea, dizziness ...


We carry out projects of all kinds, adapting to the needs of the client (construction management, execution projects, permitting, etc.).

In these projects we integrate concepts such as geobiology, solar geometry and bio-construction in order to lower the stress level of people, animals and plants, promote their health, increase production and their quality.

The bioarchitecture projects integrate all the parameters in relation to the new habitability regulations, safety thresholds of the SBM-2015 of the German IBN and energy saving; as well as the requirements of geobiology, solar geometry and bio-construction in order to lower the level of stress and promote health.


Interior renovations and design changes, both in homes and commercial premises and companies, represent an unbeatable opportunity to apply and integrate most of the Geobiotek company know-how in a simpler way.

By resizing spaces, harmonious places can be created with the combination of appropriate measures and proportions, in addition to applying important notions of color harmony, Feng Shui, design of biocompatible facilities, etc.

To do this, we use designs based on the solar geometry of the ancient masters of work together with modern bioconstruction criteria.

We plan public spaces such as parks, squares, gardens, community gardens, etc. so that they are functional, aesthetic and energetically pleasing.

Geobiotek has developed several organic livestock projects with excellent productive results and product quality.

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