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"After 15 years suffering  insomnia, fatigue,  body aches and a  long etcetera. I have managed to rediscover well-being, I feel full of energy and my body and mind more balanced. A feeling of calm, very pleasant. "

(Esperanza García, Psychologist, Torrevieja, Alicante)

Excellent attention.  Very happy with the study and work they did  at my home.  

(Angels Mestre, expert in nutrition and self-healing, creator of the Mestre method. Barcelona)

"David, our son who is now 4 years old, suffered from bronchiolitis when he was one month old. Since then  and up to 4 months we were admitted to the hospital every month for bronchospasm. And then I kept getting a monthly bronchitis. After the harmonization of the house with geometry, we noticed a great change. Bronchitis was no longer so frequent and treatment was always shorter.

In addition, in the measurement of electromagnetic fields, they detected a source of interior contamination due to the electrical installation and correcting it improved our rest. "


¡¡¡  Greetings  from Barcelona !!!!


  Ana Guezala, nurse

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