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Research with Sensitive Crystallization and the Lb 4 Phone

Water loses its structure and harmony in the presence of mobile phone electromagnetic fields. This reality can be verified with the Sensible Crystallization method. In the research carried out in France in M. Chapelle's laboratory, a glass of water is subjected to the presence of a 4G mobile phone for 2 minutes.

- Destructuring of the nucleus and blurred crystallization branches:

The water previously presented more ordered and homogeneous profiles. With the mobile phone effect, many branches become blurred and the core loses harmony.

- Performing the same experiment, the same water and mobile phone, but in this case with the device Lb 4 Phone placed on it:

The core maintains a lemniscate shape, maximum biodynamic harmony and the branches are more voluminous, structured and harmonious: Water that remains intact with a high stable energy charge. Beautiful rhythms, distributed with precision and regularity. Powerful and very alive. Looking at them it is difficult to imagine that they could have the same origin but in a more detailed study we found certain morphological criteria that confirm that it is a single and same product. Therefore, the alterations observed must be linked to the phone. The preservation of the innate balances of water is well obtained through the effects of Lb 4 Phone (translated from Margarethe Chapelle's Report).


Sensitive Crystallization is a method by which we can see the qualitative and energetic properties of any organic substance, measuring the power and nature of the forces that form organic matter.

Sensitive Crystallization was born to determine a more scientific approach and to be able to experience the sensitive forces that form living matter. Therefore, they seek to evaluate the energetic aspect, its intrinsic value, its tendency, vitality and vigor. In short, the forces of which living matter is composed in its deepest morphology. His images do not express a chemical reaction but the materialization of force fields.

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