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Soloitza Gaztandegia - Project by Geobiotek

Exemplary project for exemplary people.

A dairy farm that grows most of the cows' feed. A genetics of cows with 100% digestible casein by the human being, the most ancient of them. An original philosophy of seeking to close the cycles in all directions, in all processes. It even goes back to the direct glass recycling system, without breakage and reusing the bottles for the same thing, filling the ones with tasty yoghurt. Intelligence.

The project deserved it all. In the design, functionality has been sought first for the manufacture of different dairy products: blue cheese, fresh cheese and yogurt. Then, it was thought that it would be important to receive visitors who could see the production process, for which a walkway under the roof is designed that is also structural.

Teamwork with the promoters of the project. A pleasure to work with Enrike and Ziortza, always contributing together to improve the project, many details of functionality, dimensioning, equipment, etc.

Also excellent is the collaboration with Frío Vizcaya, Fran, Juanjo... Madergia with Oskar Landa-arroitajauregi, the construction company Izoria... and the rest of the guilds, Orduko, Luko Instalciones, Tecoel, etc. A pleasure.

The regulatory layouts of the old master builders have been used in the design, especially thanks to the legacy of Raymond Montercy. Energy geometry criteria in light inputs, dimensions of the most used spaces and general measurements (including the foundation). Passivhaus criteria, bioclimatic design... have also been adopted.

In short, Ecology.

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